The A.L.P.O. offers two awards. The Walter H. Haas Observer’s Award and the Peggy Haas Service Award.


Walter Haas, courtesy of BobMaxey

The Walter H. Haas Observer’s Award


The Walter H. Haas Observer’s Award is bestowed annually (generally when the ALPO meets in the summer), to an amateur astronomer for excellence in observational Solar System astronomy. This award is named after our founder and original executive director, and was established in 1985. The selection of this award is conducted by a committee convened by its committee chairman,Walter H. Haas. The composition of the committee changes from year to year so that the responsibility of selection is shared by a wider group of members in the ALPO that are well qualified, while allowing others that vote one year, to be considered for the award in another year, when not serving on the committee.


This award is given for excellence in Solar System observational amateur astronomy. Work done as part of the observer’s job must be regarded as professional work and is not considered as an amateur effort for this award. However, a professional astronomer can be recognized for work done when he or she was an amateur. Theoretical research, the publishing of papers, astronomical correspondence, financial support of amateur projects, and many other meritorious astronomical activities must likewise be ignored in choosing the awardee (the ALPO does have another award, the Peggy Haas Service Award, which can recognize such outstanding services). The awardee need not be an active observer at the present time, nor does he or she need to be alive. Nor is this award for observations in any particular year or other time interval. Thus the Award in the present year might be for contributions in the 20th Century. There is absolutely no requirement that the awardee be a citizen or resident of the United States. It is enjoyable when the awardee can attend the ALPO Convention at which the presentation is to be made, but this matter is no criterion for the selection of the awardee. It is, however, required that the awardee well represent the ideals of the ALPO.


The Award itself consists of an engraved plaque. The awardee also receives a two-year complimentary membership in the ALPO. The previous recipients are listed below in chronological order:

Trevor Barry 2023 Clyde Foster 2022 Theo Ramakers 2021
Howard Esklidsen 2020 Julius Benton 2019 Marc Delcroix 2018
Derald Nye 2017 Randy Tatum 2016 Anthony Wesley 2015
Paul Maxson 2014 Brian D. Warner 2013 Daniel M. Troiani 2012
John Boudreau 2011 Detlev Niechoy 2010 Thomas A. Cragg 2009
Christopher Go 2008 Christophe Pellier 2007 William M. Dembowski 2006
Richard Baum 2005 Damian Peach 2004 Mario Frassati 2003
Richard W. Schmude, Jr. 2002 Frank J. Melillo 2001 Gordon W. Garcia 2000
Richard E. Hill 1999 Alan W. Heath 1998 Isao Miyazaki 1997
Thomas R. Cave 1996 Elmer Reese 1995 Don E. Machholz 1994
Jose Olivarez 1993 Phillip W. Budine 1992 Alika Herring 1991
Dr. Jean Dragesco 1990 Jeffrey D. Beish 1989 Dr. John E. Westfall 1988
David Levy 1987 Dr. Donald C. Parker 1986 Charles (“Chick”) Capen 1985
The Peggy Haas Service Award

Peggy (formally Beryl E.) Haas, circa 1954. (Photo courtesy of Walter H Haas.)

The Peggy Haas Service Award was established in 1997 to recognize members of the ALPO for outstanding service to our organization.
The current ALPO executive director solely selects the recipient for this award, which can recognize any ALPO officer, board member, volunteer staff member, or  nonstaff member who has contributed outstanding service to the organization in a capacity excluding observational skills; observational skills are recognized by the Walter H. Haas Award.
The award was named for our founder’s late wife, Peggy (formally Beryl E.), in appreciation for her own support of the ALPO in many meaningful and indispensable ways, from assisting her husband, Walter, with the Journal, to creating a banner that hangs in front of the rostrum at ALPO paper sessions at our annual meetings. She was also the ALPO librarian for its book-lending service from 1966 to 1985.
The Peggy Haas Service Award is not necessarily an annual award, but is presented when appropriate and not at any specific time interval. The award itself consists of an engraved plaque. The awardee also receives a lifetime membership in the ALPO.


Past recipients the Peggy Haas Service Award are listed below in chronological order.


Shawn Dilles 2019
Timothy J. Robertson 2018
Wayne Bailey 2017
Jeffrey D. Beish 2016
Dr. Donald C. Parker 2015
Larry T. Owens 2013
Richard W. Schmude, Jr. 2012
Julius L. Benton, Jr. 2011
Kenneth T. Poshedly 2010
Richard E. Hill 2005
Elizabeth W. Westfall 2004
Matthew L. Will 2003
Harry D. Jamieson 2001
Don E. Machholz 2000
Dr. John E. Westfall 1998
Walter H. Haas 1997

Dr. Mike Reynolds

The Michael Reynolds Astronomy Award

This award is presented to an individual for a significant contribution to popularizing astronomy, which may include lifetime achievement. It recognizes outstanding contributions to the public understanding and appreciation of astronomy.

  • The award does not need to be presented annually.
  • Anyone within the ALPO can nominate an individual for the award.
  • The final decision will be made by the ALPO Board of Directors.
  • The award will consist of a plaque and a monetary award of up to $250
Past recipients the Michael Reynolds Astronomy Award are listed below in chronological order:
  • Scott Roberts 2022
  • Pranvera Hyseni 2020