Solar Section        


This page shows images or steches that members have taken of the Solar Prominences of the Sun.

Sketches of Solar Prominences by Jean-fran├žois Coliac – May 2015

May 06, 2015 prominence
May 16, 2015 prominence
May 17, 2015 prominence
May 18, 2015 prominence
May 31, 2015 prominence

The prominence sequence was from AR 11165. -By Erika Rix
For the full experience see her website

Collage of Prominces

Full disk collage

Image taken by Theo Ramakers 2011-03-03 – also visit his website

Solar Prominences

A lot of activity on the sun today. I noticed a hugh prominence this morning next to AR1166. But today we have prominances all around the sun. I am working on a one hour animation of the prominance and will post it as soon as it is done together with the CaK image.

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