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This is one of 16 sections of the Association of Lunar and Planetary Observers.

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 What is the ALPO?

The Association of Lunar and Planetary Observers (ALPO) was founded in 1947 in order to foster the collaborative study of the solar system by professional and amateur astronomers. Amateurs possess a resource that is not available to professionals. The Palomar and Hubble telescopes cannot continually monitor the planets, their satellites, comets and meteors that are the components of our solar family. For assistance in this important work the professionals turn to amateurs who use telescopes of high quality to maintain a continuous record of solar system objects and the periodic changes which they undergo. The ALPO collects and coordinates these observations, alerting professional observatories when important events take place. We are the watchdogs of the solar system.We have sections devoted to the observation of all types of bodies found in our solar system.  Section coordinators collect and study members’ observations, correspond with observers, encourage beginners, and contribute reports to our Journal at appropriate intervals. The coordinators supply observing forms and other instructional materials on a cost basis to assist the observer.

The ALPO publishes a quarterly Journal (The Strolling Astronomer). In it you will find the results of the many observing programs which we sponsor. The Journal contains many drawings and sketches produced by individual amateurs. It is found on the library shelves of most professional observatories.

A convention is held each year, usually in conjunction with other astronomical groups.

Each of our observing sections is described on our website. If one of them interests you, you are encouraged to contact the coordinator for detailed assistance in becoming an active contributor. Of course, all ALPO activities are on a volunteer basis. Each member can do as much or little as he or she wishes.

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