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Submission of observations to the ALPO Solar Section gives us the permission to distribute these to solar researchers, journals, scientific organizations and magazines with the request that the OBSERVER and the ALPO Solar Section be cited.

Any observations used from this page or other olar Pages for publication should credit to the observer and the ALPO Solar Section. For example: “John Smith – A.L.P.O. Solar Section”

Solar Animations from A.L.P.O. Solar Observers
David Tylor

1st of Feb showing progress of Spot group 0982 and its associated filaments.Solaranimation of AR10982 by David Tyler

4.5″ ERF, and a 2x powermate fitted with an IR blocker. The camera is a Lumenera 075

Animations by Howard Eskildsen-Florida

Compilation put together by Jamey Jenkins on the morphasis of AR0963. A rather neat observation is the rotation (from 7/10
to 7/13) of the leading westerly spot that you don’t always recognize from individual still photos. This rotation leads to twisting of the magnetic fields and
maybe an erution of a flare. The development of the light bridges in both the leading and following spots is also interesting. Note how the spots divide where
the bridges are located and then disipate .

Excellent work Howard, thanks for sharing an educational experience.

Jamey Jenkins

animation of AR306 by Paulo B. Guedes (
Intes Micro Alter 6” with 1500mm focal length
Erfle 25mm eyepiece
Full aperture Baader Solar Filter
Coolpix885 at f/3.8 ISO100
Exposures from 1/250 to 1/125 (depending on sky quality)

Some animations from Vincent Chan:


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