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The ALPO Solar Section has an email list “Solar-ALPO”. This list, as part of the “”, is for the rapid dissemination of activity alerts, observing tips, observing directions and requests from professional researchers, comparison of observing techniques and for the advertising of items of solar/astronomical interest that you might have for sale. To become a member of this group, you simply send a blank email to and then when you receive a confirmation email from the group, respond to it. If you have further problems contact the Assistant Coordinator and Moderator for the group. As with any email group, any obscenity, spamming or personal attacks will not be allowed. Let’s keep it fun, folks!

Images to be posted in the ALPO Solar Observations Archive and Gallery should be sent to the Coordinator at: Solar Images.

You can learn more about the ALPO Solar Section on our webpage and more about the ALPO and its history.

Come, join us at our new email list. Now get out there, observe the sun and let us know what you see!

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