ALPO Computing Section        


April 19, 2010

Mercury Section Update

Several images for 2009 were just posted on the “Mercury Observations and Alerts” page.

Please visit the Mercury Section, and here is a direct link to the latest images.

Dark skies,

April 18, 2010

Mars Section Update

The Mars section has just been updated with some recent observations.  The update is called “Observations of the ‘Blue Syrtis’ Phenomenon“.

Please visit the Mars Section or go directly to the Mars Observations and Alerts page.

Dark skies,

April 10, 2010

Saturn & Venus Sections Updated

I’ve just posted a large number of observations for Julius Benton.  Please visit both the Saturn and Venus sections and look under the “alerts and observations” links on each page.  The new observations are in the 2010 albums of each section.  Here’s a direct link to the Saturn observations, and here is a direct link to the Venus observations.


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