ALPO Computing Section        


January 31, 2010

Mars Section Updated

The ALPO Mars section has just been updated with a set of Mars images taken by Don Parker.  The title is “North Polar Cap Recedes as Northern Spring Advances”.

Please take a look!

Dark skies,

Larry Owens


January 22, 2010

January 2010 ALPOD Image

The January ALPOD image was just posted.  This is an excellent spread of 3 Mars images taken on January 20th, from Buena Vista, GA by Brian Combs.  Here’s the image:


Keep up the great work Brian!



January 13, 2010

Mars Section Update

Mars alert “New Markings on North Polar Cap” posted, using images from Peter Gorczynski, Damien Peach, Jim Melka, Joel Warren and Paul Maxson.

Please take a look.



January 11, 2009

Excellent Solar Prominence Video posted on Solar Section

Kim Hay has just posted an excellent video loop of a Solar Prominence from October 3rd, 2009, by Michael Buxton.  Take a look!


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