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Banded Crater Program


The Banded Craters Program (BCP) is concerned with systematic observations of lunar craters that exhibit dark or light radial bands within their walls. Earlier efforts to observe, categorize and catalog these features generated useful data, but program participants were too few in number to provide adequate coverage. Considerable work, therefore, remains to be done and it is hoped that the recent renewed interest in lunar topography will provide the impetus to move the program forward.

As with all topographical programs, extensive drawings, photographs, CCD images, and video tapes are solicited to help support and achieve the BCP objectives. However, in view of the extensive work already done in the Selected Areas Program (SAP), contributors are asked to use the SAP Observing Forms and Procedures already established. Only by doing so will it be possible to meaningfully compare current observations with the decades of work already performed.
For additional information see: Program Overview

Banded Craters Program Observing Documents:

Banded Craters Visual Observing Form
Banded Craters Digital Image Submission Form

A digitized version of the Banded Craters Observing Form, for use with Adobe Photoshop and Photoshop Elements,
is now available. Unfortunately, files in this format cannot be uploaded to the BCP Website. They can, however, be obtained via email from the Program Coordinator.

Albedo & Supporting Data for Banded Craters

Elger’s Albedo Scale
List of 22 Large Banded Craters
Master List of Banded Craters

Locator Maps for Banded Craters

Map 1 – Cassini-Conon Area
Map 2 – Copernicus Area
Map 3 – Hipparchus-Birt-Nicollet Area
Map 4 – Mare Frigoris Area
Map 5 – Reichenback-Clavius Area
Map 6 – Tycho-Bullialdus Area
Map 7 – Menelaus-Hipparchus Area
Map 8 – Mare Nectaris Area
Map 9 – Atlas-Posidonius Area
Map 10 – Aristarchus-Kepler Area
Map 11 – Mare Humorum-Byrgius-Schickard Area
Map 12 – Posidonius-Mare Crisium Area
Map 13 – Alphonsus Area
Map 14 – Argelander-Janssen Area
Map 15 – East Mare Imbrium Area
Map 16 – Maginus-Schickard Area
Map 17 – Mare Cognitum-Bullialdus Area
Map 18 – Strabo-Mare Crisium Area

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