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New Year, 2020

Eclipse schedule for 2020

In 2020 we will have 6 eclipses: 4 Partial Lunar, 1 Annular Solar and 1 Total Solar.
The eclipse schedule for this year can be found “Here”.

We are also accepting photos and reports for the 12/26/19 Annular Solar Eclipse. Please send your submissions to as well as to the ALPO eclipse email address: . If possible, also include the equipment used, the weather conditions, or any other details you see fit.

I would like to personally thank, David Teske, David Tyler, Frank J Melillo, Germ├ín Morales, Guilherme Grassmann, Howard Eskildsen, John O’Neal, Michael Boschat, and Theo Ramakers for submitting images of the 11/11/19 Mercury Transit. We received a great turnout of 62 submissions, which have been archived, and can be found under the 2019 Mercury Transit Gallery link, in the right side bar of the Eclipse Section Page.

Keith Spring
Acting Coordinator , Eclipse Section

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