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NEW! Indexes to Volumes 42 through 49 of the
Journal of the Assn of Lunar & Planetary Observers

ALPO Observing Forms Now Available Here!

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Call for Manuscripts! Call for Manuscripts!

April 2008 With the Spring 2008 issue of the Journal of the Assn of Lunar & Planetary Observers (JALPO50-2) now available, manuscripts for the summer 2008 issue (JALPO50-3)  are welcomed. If you wish to submit a paper of any kind on observational astronomy regarding our solar system, please forward it as soon as possible to Ken Poshedly at

Also included are papers on astronomical instrumentation, computer software, observing techniques, lunar / planetary / other features of interest, etc.


The ALPO offers a number of publications to its members and interested others. From here you will be able to access some of those publications, specifically, ALPO Monographs, issues of The Strolling Astronomer (the quarterly journal of the Assn of Lunar & Planetary Observers), and selected presentations from the 2006 ALPO Conference in Atlanta. In the future, we plan to offer ALPO observing section publications as well.

All ALPO publications are available in two formats:

Hard copy (paper) Publications in this format are more costly to produce because they require paper, printing and distribution via regular mail.

Portable Document Format (pdf) Publications in this format can be read online and / or printed for latter use. They often include color images as submitted by the authors, and may include hyperlinks and navigation tools available for pdf documents. Note that the free utility Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to open the pdf documents; if you don't already have it, click on the Adobe Reader button at left to download that program.

There are two ways to access pdf documents:

  • Left-click on the file name below the image to simply open the file and read it online.
  • Right-click on the file name, then save the file directly to the folder of your choice on your own terminal.

In both cases, the documents will open in Adobe Reader on your terminal.


Our Staff

Like any other volunteer organization, the ALPO calls upon the expertise of its members to help it succeed. Click on the ALPO Pubs Staff button at left for a roster of those ALPO members who contribute their time and talents to this worth cause.


The Strolling Astronomer

The quarterly journal of the ALPO is published quarterly and includes a myriad of data which is based on conscientious, detailed, observing reports submitted by ALPO members and nonmembers.

For more on this publication and your ALPO membership, click on The Strolling Astronomer button at left.


Indexes to The Strolling Astronomer

Are you looking to see if the ALPO ever covered a special solar system event that you remember? Does your current research require specific solar system observational data by the amateur astronomy community?

Indexes to The Strolling Astronomer can help and are provided as a service to ALPO members, researchers and interested others whose search brings them to the Assn of Lunar & Planetary Observers.

Currently, we include indexes to volumes 42 thru 48, but this being an ongoing project, additional indexes to previous volumes of the Journal will be added as they become available.

Click on the JALPO Indexes button at left to access the indexes.


Observing Forms

ALPO observing forms serve as both a convenience for observers who are just not sure what data to include in their reports AND also as a means to standardize the data used by the various section coordinators for use in periodic reports published in The Strolling Astronomer and accessed by researchers.

Because this is a work-in-progress, not all forms are yet available here. If you don't find the form you need here, first, contact the section coordinator, then send an e-mail to and the requested form will be placed here as soon as possible.

Click on the ALPO Observing Forms button at left to access these publications.


ALPO Monographs

ALPO monographs are publications that we believe will appeal to our members, but which are usually too lengthy for publication in The Strolling Astronomer.

Most of the ALPO monographs are proceedings (compilations of papers and presentations) from various ALPO conventions (conferences). A few publications other than conference proceedings are also included here, and one monograph is available only by regular mail; it is Monograph Number 3, the H.P. Wilkins 300-inch Moon Map. 3rd Edition (1951). [Reduced to 50 inches diameter; 25 sections, 4 special charts; also 14 selected areas at 219 inches to the lunar diameter. Price: $28 for the United States, Canada, and Mexico; $40 elsewhere.]

Hard copy versions of all ALPO monographs are available from: The Strolling Astronomer Science Editor, P.O. Box 2447, Antioch, CA 94531-2447 U.S.A.  

Click on the ALPO Monographs button at left to access these publications.


Conference Presentations 2006 ALPO Conference

Not unlike the ALPO Monographs, we offer here a series of selected presentations from our 2006 conference held in Atlanta, Georgia. These files are available ONLY here and not as hard copy monographs. All are in pdf and require Adobe Reader.

Click on the 2006 Conference button at left to access these files.


Publication Guidelines

The ALPO welcomes reports, articles, and letters for publication in The Strolling Astronomer. However, all authors should observe and follow the guidelines provided here to ensure a minimum of rework, rewriting and corrections.

Click on the Publication Guidelines button at left to learn more about submitting manuscripts.


(This page last updated April 10, 2008)

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