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The following forms are provided as a service to ALPO members and our section coordinators.

You are free to download and print these forms as-needed for your research. This being an ongoing project, additional forms will be placed here as they become available.

All forms are in pdf (portable document format).


Solar ALPO Section Publications\SolarReportForm.pdf

Solar ALPO Section Publications\active solar region_reportform.pdf

Solar ALPO Section Publications\active solar region_drawingform.pdf

Mercury ALPO Section Publications\MercuryReportForm.pdf

Venus ALPO Section Publications\VenusReportForm.pdf

Moon ALPO Section Publications\LunarObservingForms - All.pdf

Lunar Eclipses ALPO Section Publications\Lunar Eclipse Report Form.pdf

Mars ALPO Section Publications\MarsReportForm.pdf

Jupiter ALPO Section Publications\JupiterReportForms - all.pdf

Galilean Satellite Visual Eclipse Timing Program
ALPO Section Publications\GalileanSatelliteReportForm.pdf

Saturn ALPO Section Publications\SaturnReportForms - All.pdf

Remote Planets ALPO Section Publications\RemotePlanetsReportForm.pdf and
ALPO Section Publications\RemotePlanetsReportForm - Expl.pdf

Comets ALPO Section Publications\CometsReportForm.pdf

Meteors ALPO Section Publications\MeteorsReportForm.pdf



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(This page last updated February 13, 2008)

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