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How to submit Images/Observations for inclusion in the ALPO Galleries

ALPO’s archives go back many years and preserve the many observations and reports made by amateur astronomers. ALPO’s galleries allow you to see on-line the thumbnail images of the submitted pictures/observations, as well as full size versions. It now is as simple as sending an email to include your images in the archives. Simply attach the image to an email addressed to the following email address and the image will be included:

Please make sure the filename of the image complies with the filename convention for our gallery:
“YYYY-MM-DD-HHMM[.T]-Observer[-Image info].” (brackets “[ ]” indicate optional fields)

YYYY {0..9} Year
MM {0..9} Month
DD {0..9} Day
HH {0..9} Hour (UT)
MM {0..9} Minute (UT).
.T {0..9} tenth of minute, the “.” translates to an “_” in the gallery (Optional)
Observer {Text} Initials
Image info {Text} Additional info (Optional) (NO spaces or special characters other than “_” or “-”)

The observer info should be in an abbreviated form (e.g. initials of first and last name).
As an example the following file name would be a valid filename: 2018-04-25-0916-JM-IR-GRS
(Year 2018, Month 04, Day 25, UT Time 0916, JC abbreviation for observer Jim Melka, IR filter, GRS)

If the filename does not conform to the standard, the staff member to upload the image into the data base will make the correction prior to uploading the image(s). However, if they come in the recommended format, it would reduce the effort to post the images a lot.

Observers who submit drawings should scan their images at a resolution of approx. 150 dpi and save the file as a 8 1/2′ x 11″ or A4 sized picture.

Finally a word to the type and size of the submitted images. It is recommended that the image type of the file submitted is a jpg. The only other file type acceptable is a png. The file size should not exceed 200kB-300kB. Details are well preserved in images of much smaller files. Please use compression (quality) settings to achieve these file sizes.

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