Mairan-T-Rumker 2019-10-24-1012-HE

Here are some more dome images that were taken 13 days apart. This group of domes is rather unusual in that, except for Mons Rumker, the domes have a high silica content and were formed by more viscus lava than the maria. A very interesting discussion of the area, "The Mairan domes: Silicic volcanic constructs on the Moon Timothy D. Glotch,1 Justin J. Hagerty,2 Paul G. Lucey,3 B. Ray Hawke,3 Thomas A. Giguere,3 Jessica A. Arnold,1 Jean‐Pierre Williams,4 Bradley L. Jolliff,5 and David A. Paige4, Received 2 September 2011; revised 19 October 2011; accepted 19 October 2011; published 15 November 2011" can be viewed at:

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