C/2023 P1 (Nishimura) 2023-Sep-04 Eliot Herman

Comet 2023 P1 Nishimura
Vixen VSD astrograph Nikon Z7II 5 sec x 50 stacked iso 1000, captured as the sky was getting brighter as the comet cleared the foothills in Tucson. Magnitude at this capture is about 6.0 per www.Cobs.si. As the comet is further embedded in the brightening predawn it is getting more difficult to capture it and likely soon it will not be possible. The window this morning was about 14 min between when it cleared the horizon of foothills in Tucson and when it was too bright.

This comet may be the source of the Sigma Hydrids meteor shower peaking December 14th 2023, an often overlooked meteor shower since its radiant is close to the much greater Geminid meteor shower also peaking the same date.

This is a Sigma Hydrids meteor: flic.kr/p/2o62AMs


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