C/2022 E3 (ZTF) 2023-Feb-21 Ludovic Prebet

Comet easily detectable at 10X42
With my Dobson 18" at 60x its tail begins to be well defined. At 160x, it is easy to note its main characteristics. (The quality of the so/so sky does not facilitate precise readings)
The head presents a fairly well marked center, without noticing the shift of the previous days. A first zone of the Coma extends over approximately 3' then, surrounded by a more diffuse zone over approximately 5' to 7'.
I retain a visual magnitude just above m = 8.7 => 9 . (While it is announced at 7.9)
The Tail is easily determined over a length of 5 to 7'. In shifted vision it becomes wider and parallel and can be identified up to a little less than ten minutes...
Its apparent speed of movement remains just as impressive!...

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