C/2022 E3 (ZTF) 2023-Feb-15 Ludovic Prebet

Yesterday evening (Feb 15th) was a good day to observe Comet C/ 2022 E3 (ZTF).
As it passed near Aldebaran, it was an opportunity to visit it.

- With 10X42 binoculars:
Easy to locate like a pretty greyish ball, but you can immediately see that it has lost its magnitude!... And its tail is not perceptible with this instrument, for me.

- With Vixen Binoculars 125 mm X 54.
The Aldébaran landmark facilitates pointing with the ''red dot''.
We notice its fairly stellar and well-marked center, off-center towards '' The front ". By locating oneself on the nearby star, (HD 29716) we can estimate at approximately , for the diameter of the head = 3'.6 to 4'.
- The tail composed of two parts remains quite difficult to discern. You have to play with the shifted vision on the one hand and on the other hand, apply small movements to the binoculars, so that it deigns to appear.
- The first part, fan-shaped, shows a width of +/- 3 Diameter and the length also estimated at 3 Diameter of the head, that is +/- about fifteen minutes.
- The second part of the tail is more tapered and goes in the direction of HD 29869, and even seems to exceed it, which would give it a length of +/- 25' to 30'
- As for its visual magnitude, I centered it on the two nearby stars (HD 29716 m = 8.8) and (HD 29884 m= 8.0) I therefore retain m = 8.2.

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